Welcome to Spectrum Health Medical Spa, where your journey to wellness and beauty is guided by the expertise of our esteemed CEO, Dr. Anila C. Thampy, MD. As a board-certified and established physician in central California, Dr. Thampy brings a wealth of experience to our practice. 

Currently serving as the CEO of Spectrum Health Medical Spa, she has not only demonstrated medical proficiency but also showcased leadership in various capacities, holding medical directorships and department chairperson roles at local hospitals. 

With Dr. Thampy at the helm, our commitment to excellence and your well-being is unwavering. Experience the transformative blend of medical expertise and spa-like serenity under the guidance of Dr. Anila Thampy at Spectrum Health Medical Spa.

Restore Your Self-Esteem at Our Medical Spa in Fresno

Welcome to Spectrum Health Medical Spa, your premier destination for personalized and non-surgical aesthetic enhancements in Fresno, California. Founded by the esteemed and board-certified physician, Dr. Anila Thampy, MD, our medical spa is dedicated to providing a range of specialized services to enhance your ...
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Mastering Time, Sculpting Beauty

In the realm of aesthetics and wellness, experience matters. Spectrum Health Medical Spa stands as a beacon of unwavering commitment, with over two decades of transformative service led by the seasoned expertise of Dr. Anila Thampy, MD.
We have been pioneers in delivering exceptional non-surgical facial ...
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Personalized Wellness Mastery

Our mission is clear: to curate custom and secure treatment plans that empower individuals to reach their unique aesthetic, wellness, and weight management aspirations. Every day, we embark on this journey with our clients, offering a diverse array of services that encompass aesthetic enhancements, body ...
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Revitalized Patients

Maira C.

"Dr. Thampy is amazing, she made me feel very good about myself, she takes her time to explain the procedure. Very honest and professional."


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