Pediatric Procedures

Pediatric Procedures

Pediatric Procedures

Entrust your newborn's health and well-being to the expertise of Dr. Anila Thampy, MD, at Spectrum Health Medical Spa. With a focus on comprehensive newborn care, Dr. Thampy provides compassionate and knowledgeable support to ensure your baby's health and development. From routine check-ups to personalized guidance, our newborn care services prioritize the precious moments of early life.

Procedure and consent: All infants are assessed, diagnosis confirmed, and indication for release confirmed prior to any procedure

 Risks and benefits are reviewed, and informed consent is obtained from the respective parent or guardian. All procedures are done by Dr.Anila C. Thampy in our outpatient setting. 

During treatment with small infants, it may be necessary for your infant to be swaddled or placed in a protective device to control undesirable movements. In most instances, there is a need for Dr.Thampy to numb the surgical area using a small amount of local anesthetic as a gel or injection. 

Parents have options after consultation.



  • Our goal is to provide a safe, painless procedures for infants who absolutely meet the criteria. 

Cost of procedure: If we are in network with your insurance carrier, we can bill your insurance accordingly.

For out-of-network and self-pay costs, please call our office at 558-437-9024

Accommodation: If you are coming from out of town, our office staff can assist with accommodation recommendations


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