PRP Facial

A PRP Facial is a non-invasive medical procedure in which a person’s own blood is used to create a more youthful appearance.

Your own blood is drawn any other blood test. Platelet derived growth factors and proteins extracted using a high speed centrifuge. Your face is numbed with a numbing cream. PRP is then delivered using a Micro-needling device to the face.

How Long Does a PRP Facial Last?
Improvements from a PRP Facial will continue for up to 3 months after the procedure with results lasting approximately 18 months.
How Much Blood is Taken From My Arm?
Many patients are astonished to know that only about 4 teaspoons are taken from the arm.
What Are The Benefits of a PRP Facial?

There are many benefits to having a PRP Facial. These may include:

  • improved blood flow of the skin
  • stimulated collagen production
  • rejuvenated complexion
  • lessened skin folds
  • improvement in the clarity of facial skin
  • improvement in scars
  • smoother skin
  • tighter skin
  • color of skin will be better
  • can be used in conjunction with other facial rejuvenation products
How Much Does The PRP Facial Cost?
The cost of this treatment varies, but one can expect to pay anywhere from $1000 to $1500 for a treatment that lasts at least 12 months, if not longer. The procedure is takes about two hours.
How Does Your Blood Do All This?
The platelets that are being take out of your own blood help in creating a replenishment of platelets in your face. What this means is that the skin of your face will have the chance to become more youthful and vibrant due to improved circulation by injecting the platelets that were derived from your own blood.
Are There Any Disadvantages To A PRP Facial?
As with all procedures, there are some disadvantages to the PRP facial. At the injection site, it may be red or possibly bruise temporarily.

Every day, people are looking younger just by having this quick procedure done. There are no foreign substances injected into your face, as the platelets are already in your blood. The cost is much cheaper than surgery, and there is ZERO downtime.

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